Design for Low-income Group Housing Through Technology 


The DeLIGHT Home concept is an applied research project aimed at humanising low-income housing using technology and innovation. The concept is motivated by the desire to improve the way low-income housing is designed and built. Low-income housing is often associated with problems such as low-quality design and construction; maintenance; insufficient ventilation; overcrowding; cramped living spaces; and safety.

Housing Categories

DeLight Homes Apartment

DeLight Homes Terrace House 2-storey

DeLight Homes Townhouse 2-storey

DeLight Homes Single House

Special Features

Design flexible homes to meet the needs of different demographic groups, family units, and living challenges.

Design strategies that include modularity, adaptability, and universality add to the comfort and convenience of the homes and support the changing needs of individuals and families at different stages of life.

The home units are designed in a way that allows them to be modularised. Modularity allows standard sections to be fabricated off-site while the main structure is being erected at the site, thus speeding up the whole construction process.

The size of each module has been considered for the logistic and installation requirements. Standard modules are mixed and matched to form living units of different sizes and layouts.

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