Vendor Development Program (VDP)


This program aims to produce more IBS activists to increase the use of IBS in the construction industry in Malaysia. IBS Vendor Development Program (IBS VDP) is a program designed and developed to encourage the use of IBS technology among new SME entrepreneurs in the construction sector country. IBS VDP is open to consultants, contractors and money makers aspiring to become IBS activists.

Therefore, in this context the term ‘vendor’ is used to refer to consultants/contractors/manufacturers. The term ‘vendor’ is also used to refer to IBS VDP applicants or participants.


  1. Provide programs for the development of competitive vendors.
  2. Help vendors build the capabilities they need to compete in the local and regional markets.
  3. Make the IBS Vendor Development Program the best and sustainable among the construction industry.


  1. Creating and developing new IBS players who are successful among SMEs in the construction sector.
  2. Provide a platform and opportunities for SME entrepreneurs who are new to the IBS construction sector.
  3. Empowering existing IBS players and strengthening the IBS ecosystem network in Malaysia while increasing the number of IBS players.

Advantages of VDP


Training is provided to new IBS players who are competitive. Vendors will be given training to improve IBS knowledge and efficiency as well as other aspects that can produce sustainable entrepreneurs

Strategic Partner

Opportunity to become a strategic partner with government / private agencies in growing the business


Provide opportunities in using IBS technology


Can indirectly promote new IBS activists

Roles & Responsibilities

of Vendors

Demonstrate professionalism while following the IBS VDP

Following hand holding activities

Comply with all conditions in the IBS VDP

Make a commitment by participating in IBS VDP activities

Attend and participate in all training programs


Vendors will be given training to improve the knowledge and efficiency of IBS as well as other aspects that can produce sustainable entrepreneurs

Vendors will participate in government initiatives for the modernization of the construction industry by producing more IBS manufacturers

Get technical advice on related matters:

  1. Capacity building
  2. IBS & BIM technology
  3. Recognised and certified IBS Manufacturer & Product Assessment Certification (IMPACT) in Malaysia

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