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Application for IBS SCORE Confirmation & Levy Exemption

IBS Score verification applications can be made by the project owner or consultant or contractor.

Confirmation of IBS marks from CIDB for a building construction project is not mandatory but will be an added value to the project. However, minimum IBS score of 70 scores is mandatory for government projects worth RM10 million and above while minimum of 50 IBS scores for private projects worth RM50 million and above.


*the definition of project value “RM50 million and above” refers to the total Gross Floor Area (GFA) of 50,000 m2 and above.

Any building construction project (government and private) is recommended to obtain confirmation of IBS marks in line with current government policy.

Among the criteria for approval of levy exemption applications is to achieve the minimum IBS score based on the current policy, and only limited to low, medium low and medium cost housing construction projects.

For each levy exemption application, verification of IBS marks will be performed simultaneously.

Application for verification of IBS marks can be made at any time as the verification of marks is only done based on the information on the complete documents submitted. For levy exemption applications, the application must be submitted no later than before the project reaches 40% structural progress to enable the visit to be carried out in accordance with the guidelines.

  1. Official letter from the applicant
  2. Completed IBS Score Form (2018) & verified by a qualified person
  3. Project Plan Drawing
  4. Structural Drawing (including beam and column schedule)
  5. Architectural Drawings (including door and window schedule)
  6. Section plan
  7. Roof plan

You may send all required documents in pdf format through email to our officer, Mr. Zaid (

For IBS confirmation application, score review is only done based on all documents submitted. For levy exemption applications, document review will be followed by a site visit when the progress of the project structure reaches 40% and 80% for review of the use of IBS method as declared.

By default, levy payment is still required and the contractor has to pay the entire levy imposed during the liability period. If the levy exemption application is approved (after the project is completed) then the levy refund is done.

IBS SCORE calculation form

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