IBS Manufacturer & Product Assessment & Certification (IMPACT)

IBS Manufacturer & Product Assessment & Certification (IMPACT) program involve application process, assessment procedure, application approval and certification before being recognized as a manufacturer of IBS components registered with CIDB.


The CIS 24 shall stand as a form of guide that involves a few process; application, evaluation, validation, testing and certification of IBS product to manufacturer, contractor and consultant.

CIS 24 shall ensure product that is being evaluated posses product guarantee and in accordance to standard that is compulsory to be obeyed by applicants, prior to qualifying for IMPACT.



Manufacturer/ Contractor/ Consultant

Construction Industry Players

certifying categories


A manufacturer is a manufacturer that manufactures IBS products or components. Scope manufacturer evaluation is the production of quality IBS products based on standards and norms set.

Manufacturer & Installer

Manufacturers and installer contractors are the parties that manufacture the product and carry out installation work of IBS products at the construction site. Under the scope manufacturers and installer contractors, it involves an evaluation of the production and installation of IBS products/ components and must have an IBS installer certificate.

Design & Manufacturer

Designers and manufacturers are the parties that provide design drawings and produce IBS products according to set standards

Design, Manufacturer & Installer

The designer, manufacturer and installer contractor are the providing parties IBS design drawings, produce products and carry out works installation of components in accordance with established standards and accreditations as well must have an IBS installer certificate.